It's been a while

by Chris Hawkins @

Hello there. As usual I've seemingly given up on doing anything at all with a website I made, what a surprise!

I made myself a little mini web-iOS app to help me studying a few days ago and was pretty happy with how quickly I eased back into the stuff I used to know. I'm sure I'm lightyears behind what web dev has moved onto since then but I can still do things that work for me.

I did encounter a weird bug with one of my old sites that wouldn't let it connect to the database anymore, even though this site still works and the queries and database are identical. I found a workaround but I have no idea what is going on with it. Maybe soon I'll have more time to play around with this stuff with any luck.

I really wish I'd managed to come up with a better header for this site back in the day, but: lazy. :D