Gone full Gradius

by Chris Hawkins @

I've got to a point where I'm adding easter eggs to websites. I can't decide whether this is a good or a bad thing \o/

I also finally got round to making a favicon. It's awful, but for some reason my browser had remembered a time when I'd tried to access it after resetting my router. Since then, it's bad a BT icon ever since, and that's finally got to the point of being too annoying to not do something about.

I think next up might be a(nother) recolour. Wait and see!

It's been a while

by Chris Hawkins @

Hello there. As usual I've seemingly given up on doing anything at all with a website I made, what a surprise!

I made myself a little mini web-iOS app to help me studying a few days ago and was pretty happy with how quickly I eased back into the stuff I used to know. I'm sure I'm lightyears behind what web dev has moved onto since then but I can still do things that work for me.

I did encounter a weird bug with one of my old sites that wouldn't let it connect to the database anymore, even though this site still works and the queries and database are identical. I found a workaround but I have no idea what is going on with it. Maybe soon I'll have more time to play around with this stuff with any luck.

I really wish I'd managed to come up with a better header for this site back in the day, but: lazy. :D

Project Chilligrow 2014

by Chris Hawkins @

As someone who gets through a lot of chillies, I'd been curious about growing my own for a while, so in January I went and bought myself a grow-your-own kit. The kit itself was brilliant, fitted perfectly on my windowsill, and required nothing except water and time.

Initially not all that much seemed to be happening, I'm guessing because it wasn't a particularly warm winter, but once it got going the shoots really started appearing. There were around 10 seeds of each different type of chilli: numex, tabasco, jalapeno and habanero. The habanero were the slowest to germinate, and at this point are the slowest to flower as well. There are plenty of buds at the moment though so hopefully this mini-heatwave will be warm enough to encourage them to come out to play. The tabasco seems to be the most successful so far, although I only seem to be able to get 3-4 fruits per plant, despite having lots of flowers. The jalapenos have took longer, but now they're going they seem to be providing more fruit. The numex are going nicely, but aren't particularly large so far.

Have some pictures to make this post more colourful!

Numex plant (purple fruit) Numex plant (green fruit) Jalapeno plant Tabasco plant Habanero plant Collection of chilli plants Another collection of chilli plants

Unless I manage to get through all the fruits I guess I should learn how to pickle them next.