The Neglected Puppy

by Chris Hawkins @

Yup, that pretty much sums up how I treat this website. I want to say "...until now", but to be quite frank, that's almost definitely a lie. Best of intentions, but we all know it's never going to happen.

I have spent quite a while today fixing a load of backend stuff, and trying to make all the things you see work. I think next on my list is going to be working on caching requests from APIs so my large masses of traffic (/cough) don't overwhelm anything. Least I might learn something doing it right?

I might try and tidy the styling up a bit as well, cut down on the fonts a bit; make the header a bit less garish and cut down on the confines of the content box a bit. Who knows what might happen!??!

I did think I might just set the homepage to my twitter favourites, and was playing around with widgets earlier. Have a look if you fancy.

I've also toyed with adding my film diary from Letterboxd, although unfortunately they don't have an API yet, and the site always seems to load (relatively) slowly for something like that. Projects, projects. Why didn't I start all this four weeks again :(