Welcome to the internet

by Chris Hawkins @

I'd quite like to start updating this site on a semi-regular basis again, but I have no idea what to write about. I'd write about work, but not only have I not actually done any for the past few months, commenting on your job + the internet = asking for trouble. Welcome to the internet.

I could write about F1, but they decide to have stupidly long breaks at the time when I most need something to occupy my time. I could write about football, but in all honesty I generally don't have anything worth adding to most debates that either isn't said ten times better elsewhere, or an opinion that will be completely ignored solely because it's not what the reader wants to hear. Welcome to the internet.

I could just write rants about the multitude of things that annoy me in the world. Believe me, this would give me a large topic matter to cover, especially after a 4 hour drive home. I could go on for a few posts just on a single journey I think. Today I discovered that generic-white-Audi-driver might not actually be the worst person to be near on a motorway, as I encountered: Italian-Audi-driver. /shiver. But then again, I don't want to be a negative moaning old man (even though that's exactly what I am). Let's be happy and shiny, there's already too much negativity online. Welcome to the internet.

I could write about web design, but I'm so far out of date I'm half expecting people to actually be using Google+ at this point. Instead, I think I'll just keep experimenting with my own little mini-"apps" (I suppose I could do an entire post on how much I hate the terms apps...no wait, meant to be ignoring negativity...) which the rest of the world will never see, and serve no purpose other than teaching me and keeping me happy.

Welcome to my internet.