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delicious is a bookmarking tool that allows you to tag your bookmarks to make them easier to find in future. You can also access them from any device, so you can share them across computers. You can also see what other people are tagging bookmarks with and see similar links.

The last 3 sites I bookmarked are:


I use Twitter as a means to keep up with news, keep up with what friends are doing and to post quick snippets related to what I'm doing/thinking.

Here's my last 3 tweets:


flickr is a great tool for organising and displaying your best (or any) photos. I usually only use it for specific events. It auto-resizes for you and gives you lots of options for adding description.

The last 3 photos I uploaded are:


last.fm keeps a record of every digital song that I play. It's pretty cool as it keeps a statistics of what you've listened to and when!

The last 3 songs I listened to are:


I expect everyone knows what YouTube is. I generally use it for viewing more than for posting videos.

The last 3 videos that I favourited: